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14k Gold Diamond "Sanskrit Collection"

Our Sanskrit Collection is filled with historic, spiritual, and healing jewelry meant to remind you of your highest self. These pieces are a representation of the sacred significance of femininity and sensuality.

Choose a powerful Sanskrit word & Intention and attract divine blessings into your life.

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14k Gold Diamond "OM" Necklace

440 AZN
0.02 ct, 2,1 g

‘Om’, ‘Aum’, or ‘Ohm’ is considered a sacred sound of the universe in Hinduism. When pronounced, Om creates divine vibrations that further energize the body’s chakras, especially the crown chakras and the third eye.

14k Gold Diamond "Happiness" Necklace

440 AZN
0.02 ct, 2,1 g

Ānanda (Sanskrit: आनन्द) literally means bliss or happiness. In the Hindu Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavad gita, ānanda signifies eternal bliss which accompanies the ending of the rebirth cycle.

14k Gold "Namaste" Necklace

400 AZN
2 g

Namaste means, “The Divine within me bows to the same Divine within you”.

Namaste reminds us that we are unique and in this world together; therefore, we should all respect each other. With Namaste, you acknowledge the sacred being in every other person you send the salutations to.

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14k Gold "Shakti" Necklace

400 AZN
2 g

The Hindu Goddess Shakti—or Sakti—represents pure divine female power. The word ‘Shakti’ means energy or power in Sanskrit. She is the creatrix, the great Divine mother. She is the dynamic energy that is responsible for the creation, maintenance, and destruction of the Universe.

14k Gold "Be present" Necklace

400 AZN
2 g

~Myak Sati~ “Be Present” necklace serves as a conscious affirmation tool to keep your intention for presence strong, and will keep bringing you back to yourself in the now. Oneness is a mindset. Eternity exists only in the present moment.

14k Gold Diamond "Unalome" Ring

500 AZN
0,01 ct, 3,6 g

The Unalome is both a Buddhist and a Hindu symbol. It represents the path to freedom. Or slightly more down-to-earth, your life’s path. The sign consists of three parts: the spiral, the swirl, and the dots at the end.

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14k Gold Sacred "Sun" Ring

490 AZN
3,07 g

The sun and moon are a symbol for balancing opposites, bringing together the masculine and the feminine. The sun and moon are polar opposites from each other, but one cannot be without the other.

On a symbolic and spiritual level, Star, Moon and Sun seem to be a trinity of the divine.

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